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Genealogy Resources

The Miles Files

100’s of Families from the Eastern Shore, from Charlemagne to the early 1900’s

Help with finding ancestors.

Dedicated to the families and lovers of the Eastern Shore everywhere.

Where to find key records.

How to Make a Family Tree With Kids  -  How the entire family can work together to cre​ate a family tree and chart their extended family history.


northampton.hosted.civiclive.c... (more)

You can download this interesting summary of Northampton County, VA Courts and Court Records in this 34-page book compiled by: Traci Johnson, Northampton County Circuit Court Clerk, Frances Bibbins Latimer, and Jean Mihalyka.

Northampton County Courthouse Square Historic District

Eastville Historic District

Map to Museums on the Eastern Shore

Each museum features a short overview with website information.

NHPS, Northampton Property History

Written by Frances Latimer in 1993


Enjoy the drawings by Katharine B. Pennebaker of homes located on Virginia's Eastern Shore. Courtesy of the Eastern Shore News and Eastern Shore Public Library

Organizations - National, VA, and Eastern Shore

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