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Take a quick tour of the Northampton County Historic Court Green in Eastville with us! The Northampton Historic Preservation Society provides an overview of the historic buildings dating back to the 1731 Courthouse on this tour. In 1913, the organization’s founder saved three 18th and 19th century buildings on the Court Green from destruction, a 1731 Courthouse, a ca. 1800 Clerk’s Office, and a ca. 1814 Debtors’ Prison. In 2011, the 1899 Courthouse was restored and is now being used as a County Administration Office. It features a NHPS Exhibit Room and hallway display at the front of the building. These historical buildings make the Northampton County Historic Court Green one of the most intact in Virginia and the country. The Northampton County Court Green in Eastville is on both the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places. In addition, Northampton County is known for its unique records—the nation's oldest continuous court records. References to jails can be found in Northampton’s records beginning in 1632 and to the present day; no other Virginia county can make such a claim.

Northampton County Historic District in Eastville, Virginia

Three hundred years reflecting the continuity of government can be found in Eastville, Virginia on the Northampton County Court Green.  It includes the 1731 Courthouse, one of only a handful of colonial courthouses that survive in Virginia; the brick Clerk's Office dating to the late 18th century, a rare example of an early clerk's office with a flagstone floor and vaulted masonry ceiling; and a Debtor's Prison (ca. 1815) that has been called the state's best remaining example of its type and is essentially unchanged. The Debtor's Prison is a brick building with a heavy door, double-barred windows, and hand-wrought spiked nails.

1899 Courthouse Court Green Historic District Exhibit

The Northampton County Court Green is one of the earliest and most complete in Virginia and listed as a Historic District on both the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places.

In 2013, the Northampton Historic Preservation Society dedicated a Historic Exhibit in the front left room of the 1899 Courthouse at the Northampton County Court Green in Eastville.  A life-size figure in Colonial attire holding the Declaration of Independence is one of the first exhibits to greet visitors as they enter the historic display room.  During renovations of the county administration complex, Northampton County administrators allowed this space to be used for an NHPS historic display.

The exhibit room was formerly part of the county records vault. It retains features of its former use and includes the original interior window shutters and fireplace built in 1899 with a replica of the original mantel and the vault door. The exhibit affords visitors the opportunity to take self-guided tours through three centuries of history on the Northampton County Court Green. This historically significant story is told through exhibits that include period pieces, artifacts, narratives, and photographs.

Exhibits in the display room have items pertaining to three buildings, the 1731 Courthouse, the Old Clerk's Office dating to the late 1700's, and Debtor's Prison, ca. 1815. An original walnut raised-panel book press and a scale model of the 1731 design of the Courthouse is also included. Exhibits also continue down the adjoining hall from the historic display room and feature early Northampton County photographs along the walls and five exhibit cases featuring items from the NHPS collection.

Court Green Historic District Exhibit in 1899 Courthouse Hours*

Open Year Round

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9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission: FREE

(public bathrooms available)

*Three Historic Buildings are open to visitors from April until October from Monday to Friday


16404 Courthouse Road, Eastville, Virginia

Turn west on Business Route 13 or Route 631

Directions to Eastville

From the North:  From the Maryland state line, Eastville is about 50 miles south on US Highway 13. Turn right on Business Route 13 (Courthouse Road) or Route 631 (Willow Oak Road).

From the South:  From the end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Eastville is about 15 miles north on US Highway 13 (Courthouse Road). Turn left on Business Route 13 or Willow Oak Road (Route 631).


Watch the dedication at this link of the Historic Exhibit:  Dedication

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